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"Best deal on our new dream home"

    Carmela and I were presented with our dream home by Dino Nunno on a Thursday evening. We visited the home on the next day and submitted an offer with Dino’s assistance on the Saturday.  Dino handled all the negotiations and called us late that Saturday evening informing us that the house was ours!  He met us on the Sunday at our convenience to hammer all the details out.

   His calm demeanor and words of advice helped calm us as this moved very fast.  This is only half of the story, as now our home needed to be listed within the next 4 days, and there was a lot to do before it could hit the market.  Dino assured us he would assist us and make everything as easy and stress free as possible. He advised us on what our asking price should be, he assisted us with staging, he helped us arrange for cleaning ladies and even a painter to help with minor touch ups!  With his assistance, our house was listed 4 days later and sold within 5 days of going onto the market for 98% of the asking price.

    None of this would have been possible without his professionalism, his experience and his assistance.  He got us the best deal on our new dream home and then turned around and helped us maximize the value for the home we needed to sell.  He really lifted and erased a lot of the stress associated with buying and selling.

Thanks Dino!

Bob and Carmela Andreakos